Outcompeting Destructive Systems with Smart Contracts

VMware and Digital Asset have teamed up for the Odyssey hackathon to tackle two major Sustainable Development Goals: Plastic Pollution to Upcycling Economy and Consumer and Organization Driven Decarbonization

Join us this week in The Hague for the DAML & VMware Blockchain Meetup at Odyssey Connect, February 5th at 6:00pm and participate in the hackathon on June 19 - 21 to turn these goals into our shared reality.


DAML at Davos 2020

The recent conversation at Davos centered around the critical importance of combating climate change by replacing destructive systems with both sustainable and economically viable solutions. In fact, our CEO, Yuval Rooz, recently participated on a panel hosted by Global Blockchain Business Council and the non-profit open innovation group, Odyssey, focused on how emerging technologies, particularly blockchain and smart contracts, can enable collaboration and outcompete destructive systems.

As Yuval expressed at Davos, “A lot of people talk about how blockchain is going to change the world, but I actually think that what we can do by educating people about blockchain is change how humans interact with one another.” This has been on my mind as I head to The Hague for the Odyssey Hackathon Connect event this week with our partners at VMware to determine how blockchain technology and our DAML smart contract language can help individuals, governments and corporations achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Outcompeting Destructive Systems

The effects of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) due to rising carbon emissions are leading to irreversible damage to the planet at an alarming rate. Many of the effects of GHGs are turning out to exceed the worst case scenarios predicted by climate change scientists, including the rate of glacial melting, sea level rise and increase in ambient and ocean temperatures. As a result of these terrestrial and marine changes, countries and cities around the world are striving to cope with heat waves, wildfires, storms and floods, air quality and public health crises.

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