Unlocking New Investment Opportunities with Digital Assets

Digital Asset launches registry and exchange platform for new markets with Exberry

Digital assets are emerging as a new type of asset class that will change how products are bought and sold in the market. It’s a growing trend that converts ownership/rights to an asset into a digital token or representation of that underlying asset for a predefined value. From stocks to currency, cars, real estate, artwork, sports contracts and more, asset-backed tokens are primed to become the future of business.

Today, we are excited to announce that Digital Asset is helping to make this future a reality. We have teamed up with Exberry, an exchange technology pioneer, to create an end-to-end exchange infrastructure-as-a-service for modern markets, including digital assets. Combining the power of DAML, and the DAML-as-a-service platform - project:DABL - with Exberry's cloud-based exchange technology, we can deliver a robust technology solution that will help businesses launch new markets, of any type, in a matter of days. The Exberry platform provides the power to run your exchange, while DABL fuels the essential exchange registry functions via DAML code and integrations on the DABL platform. This approach allows customers to validate their ideas without distraction and focus on building their business.

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Why are we building exchange-traded technology for modern markets?

Over the past year, there has been a shift in interest from the institutional investor community in digital asset ownership. According to recent research from Fidelity Digital Assets, industry support at the institutional level is experiencing an upward swing, which should foster greater adoption. Based on a survey of nearly 800 U.S. and European investors, close to 80% of investors find something appealing about digital assets. The most attractive characteristics are diversification with other asset classes, exposure to an innovative technology play and high potential upside. The same report highlighted that 91% of institutional investors who plan to make an allocation to digital assets expect to have at least 0.5% of their portfolio in digital assets within five years. In the U.S., this portion has grown by eight percentage points relative to last year's survey¹.

While the trends are encouraging, challenges do remain. Among them is having the right technology infrastructure in place. Building an end-to-end, modern exchange requires a low latency engine that supports millions of transactions and seamless integration with an authoritative registry that tracks the ownership of assets and manages every aspect of the settlement. Many of today's exchanges operate with legacy technology that relies heavily on message-based connectivity. It is cumbersome, can take months to years to build using that technology and comes with a high price tag. A cloud-deployed exchange infrastructure addresses traditional exchanges' limitations while significantly reducing cost and time to implement.

To that end, both DABL and Exberry have been built for modern marketplaces, delivering cloud-ready environments optimized with easy plug and play API integration. It's an exciting time for digital assets as an emerging asset class and for us as a company. We are thrilled to be at the forefront, delivering an exchange-grade technology solution that will help foster the next generation of trading digital assets.


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