Event recap: 2022 Hong Kong FinTech Week

Last month, the Digital Asset team had a terrific few days at Hong Kong FinTech Week. This year’s event featured thought-provoking conversations around the policy and regulatory measures that are helping drive developments in digital asset adoption, both in Hong Kong and globally, including discussions on potential virtual asset use cases such as green bond tokenization in Project Genesis 2.0, property rights, stablecoins, and e-HKD.

Digital Asset’s Yuval Rooz, CEO; Shane Akeroyd, President; and Karen Qian, Associate Director of Sales for APAC, all took part in panel discussions and conversations with other leaders and experts. Across these sessions, our leadership weighed in on key topics, including:  

  • Digital assets, blockchain, and smart contracts and how these technologies are reimagining finance.

  • The practical impacts of central bank digital currency (CBDC) on enterprises and consumers.

  • Challenges driving innovation stemming from the continued use of global operating models and legacy systems.

  • How enterprises are building sophisticated blockchain applications to overcome scalability issues and improve customer experiences.

“Embracing Innovation in Capital Markets”: A panel featuring Shane Akeroyd, President of Digital Asset, alongside Felix Yip, Global Head of Digital Assets Engineering from Goldman Sachs and Vivian Khoo, Chair and Co-Founder of Asia Crypto Alliance.

Other key concepts I took away from panel discussions and conversations:

  • Powering instant settlement is not entirely a technology challenge, but rather a barrier resulting from existing processes.

  • Markets utilize collateralized payments, which are based on a credit system. Central banks building out CBDC programs based solely on cash on hand can easily overlook the credit angle.

  • Existing platforms do not operate within a single jurisdiction, which makes standardization and partnership with regulators extremely important.

  • Companies consider distributed ledger technology (DLT) due to two main features: Privacy and trust. This sets enterprise blockchains apart from public blockchains.

In addition to our panel discussion, we launched a research report in partnership with The ValueExchange titled “Doing Tokenisation Right”, which articulates the capital market experience of deploying digital assets in large quantities. The report was the product of extensive interviews with leading exchanges, depositories, brokers, custodians, and service providers, and it showcases the lessons learned by industry leaders on the role of tokenization in capital markets, as well as explains the path towards a successfully tokenized future. You can register here to download and read the report.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with customers and partners, and we were excited to make new connections in our booth. Visit us to learn more about our company and Daml, our core technology and the leading platform for building and running sophisticated blockchain applications.