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Digital Asset at Sibos 2023 and the Canton Network

author by Digital Asset September 28, 2023

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Digital Asset was proud to sponsor Sibos 2023, the leading global financial services networking event organized by Swift.
At Sibos 2023, we showcased Digital Asset’s core Daml and Daml Finance technologies and explored the future of connected markets on the Canton Network with practical insights that are helping drive efficiencies and unlock value for businesses today.
If you didn’t get a chance to meet with one of our experts in Toronto, schedule a meeting below and dive into our event highlights.


Hear from our experts



Meet the experts: How exchanges are harnessing digitization to unlock market potential

Featuring Yuval Rooz, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Asset, alongside Tae Yoo, Co-Head of Asset Accumulation at HKEX, and Steve Everett, Head of Business Strategy & Innovation at TMX

Industry Session: Tokenization: Mind the gap between digital assets and existing payment rails

Featuring Kelly Mathieson, Chief Business Development Officer at Digital Asset, alongside Gottfried Leibbrandt, Board member of CLS Group, and Jørgen Ouaknine, Group Head of Innovation at Euroclear


Views from Sibos


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Global Custodian: The future of Securities Services

Representatives from Digital Asset, JP Morgan, BNY Mellon and Northern Trust discuss the themes of the first day of Sibos and the future of securities services.
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Global Custodian: Digital assets and tokenization under the spotlight

Representatives from Digital Asset, BNP Paribas and SIX Digital Exchange discuss the big themes of day two at Sibos – digital assets and tokenization.

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Global Custodian: The transition to T+1 in North America and its global impact

Representatives from Digital Asset, Citi and Swift discuss one of the biggest themes at this year’s Sibos – the transition to T+1 in North America and its global impact.
Conference round-up and a look to the future

Global Custodian: Conference round-up and a look to the future

Representatives from Digital Asset, BBH and Deloitte round-off the conference with a summary of the key talking points, highlights from the sidelines and what we might be discussing in 12 months time.

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Aerial View - Bites from Sibos with BNY Mellon

Yuval Rooz discusses the future of digital assets without harming privacy

"Every exchangeable asset—be it cash, equities, bonds or life insurance—is probably going to become a digital asset in the future. But the industry must find a way to achieve the efficiency and promise of digital assets without harming privacy."

The Banker: Views from Sibos

Ryan Rugg, Citi and Yuval Rooz, Digital Asset

"Yuval Rooz, co-founder and CEO of Digital Asset, and Ryan Rugg, head of digital assets at Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions, talk to Joy Macknight about what impact the Regulated Liability Network will have on the global banking industry and next steps for the initiative."

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